Uncle Joe’s BBQ Sauce In-A-Bag Review

Uncle Joe's Original BBQ "Sauce-in-a-Bag"As a competition BBQ pitmaster and caterer who also develops and markets BBQ rubs and sauces, I was intrigued to say the least when I received Uncle Joe's "sauce in a bag" to review. The directions are clear and straightforward and take about 30 seconds to understand and execute. I mixed the dry ingredients with Heinz ketchup and tap water and cooked in a sauce pan for 3-4 minutes then letting it cool for about a half an hour.

The overall best part of this concept is that from this point on you can, if you want add any flavor profile and truly make it your own. I mixed it with a popular competition BBQ sauce that our team uses and it transformed it into a sauce that I would not hesitate to use in competition on chicken or pork.

Appearance The 5 oz package which is priced at $5.99 is cleverly marketed in an attractive Southwestern themed envelope with a brief history of the creator and the product along with directions on the backside.
Taste The taste of the finished BBQ sauce out of the bag was that of a well balanced tomato based sauce with just a little heat at the end to wake up your taste buds, but nothing that would make your grandma cry.
Value The yield was about 18 oz's. Another great bonus of this dry concept is that you can cut the proportions down and only make what you need for now.
Overall Its price at $ 5.99 when combined with the minimal cost of the ketchup is in line with most commercial specialty BBQ sauces. Uncle Joe's is available at retail locations throughout the country and on-line here.

Uncle Joe's Original BBQ "Sauce-in-a-Bag" - $5.99 4oz

Eric JohnsonAbout the Author: Pitmaster Eric Johnson of Pigmaker Productions catering and Mr. Bobo's Traveling BBQ All-Stars competition cooking team is no stranger to BBQ.  His cooking team competes in several sanctioned events throughout the year all over the Northeast and even down to Kansas City.

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