Goode Company Pecan Pie Review

Y’all may know that I grew up in Houston, Texas, and the Goode Company BBQ is a staple of Houston BBQ.  And when I got my Goode Company Pecan Pie in the mail, I was amazed.  Look at this beautiful wooden box!  Not only does it hold a seemingly 5lb pound pecan pie, but even the box represents their Texas pride.  Branded into the box is the Texas Seal and the quote, “YOU MIGHT GIVE SOME SERIOUS THOUGHT TO THANKING YOUR LUCKY STARS YOU’RE IN TEXAS”  How can you not love being a Texan when you get this in the mail?

Appearance :
  I’d buy it just for the box, and the pie definitely looks delicious. Large pecans rest on the top, and the crust has a great, golden-brown color.The pie is tightly sealed in plastic inside the box, and the information along with the pie says it will last 3 weeks at room temperature or 3 months refrigerated. However, this one was not going to last that long.

First step was cutting the pie.  The crust was not as smooth and easy to slice as I expected.  The large pecans on top got in my way, but I’m not the best pie cutter.

Upon first bite, I noticed how smooth the filling is. Not gritty or too sweet.  The nut to filling ratio was really nice, and the pie didn’t ‘gush’ out the sides of the pieces.  This pecan pie is straightforward. No extra spices thrown in to ‘snazz’ it up.  It is classic, thick and rich.  The crust was satisfactory.  Although it tasted really nice and buttery, the crust didn’t seem moist enough.

Goode Company BBQ Pecan Pie

Taste:  Dependably delicious, simple and straightforward. I would eat the Goode Company Pecan Pie over many home-made ones at the Thanksgiving table.

Value:  For $35, delivered to your front door, in a keepsake Texas branded wooden box, I definitely recommend for everyone to order the Goode Company Pecan Pie.  For those lucky few, I may even be sending you one as holiday gifts this year.  Plus, you can order at their online store at

Overall:  This pie is awesome. Not only Made in America, but Made in Texas, which is better in my book!

Eve TarloEve Tarlo @ectect - Austin, TX
Eve Tarlo, a Native Texan, is an Austin foodie who focuses on cooking, learning and eating enticing, yet simple meals.  She currently works as a producer and video/motion graphics editor, and spends most of her free time in the kitchen or backyard at the grill. With her background in food service and bartending and being active in social networking, she is the person that people turn to to talk about food.  By knowing the latest food trends, competing in local Iron Chef competitions, and even producing web-released instructional cooking videos, Eve Tarlo adds to a thriving Texan foodie community.

5 Responses to Goode Company Pecan Pie Review

  1. Curt says:

    I grew up in San Antonio and lived in Houston for many years. I’ve purchased a few pecan goodies from them since moving here to Wisconsin. That pie looks awesome!

    Man I miss Texas!!

  2. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    Hoping I’m on your holiday list…the pie looks delicious!

  3. Sean C Rafferty says:

    I love pecan pie, and this is by far the best I have ever had. My buddy was given one of these pies from a law firm that does buisness with his company. When I had a piece of the pie, I was amaazed. This was the best pecam pe that I have ever had. It was so great, that I knew I would have to purchase one myself. And I am glad that I did. Goode makes the best pecan pies and I hope that everyone gives them a try. You will not regret it.

  4. Ann O'Connell says:

    How do I go about buying this amazing BOX and the pie?

  5. srileyasid says:

    My daughter received one as a thank you gift It was so stale it was unable to be eaten So bad I had to spit it out! It must have been stored for months

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