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Hot Line Pepper Products – Evil Ooze Review

I love hot sauces, and I really love "hot" hot sauces, so when I took a look at this bottle of Evil Ooze from Hot Line Pepper Products, I was intrigued to say the least.  Evil Ooze is a habanero and jalapeno hot sauce that comes from Hot Line Pepper Products.  HLPP is based out

Cin Chili

Cin Chili & Co. Chili Mix Review

Cin Chili's chili mix had me interested from the moment I picked up the package.  The label is unique to say the least, but I'll talk more about that later.  What really had me interested was that this is a product of a two time champion of the CASI International Chili Championship.  As if that


Heaven Made Products It’s Incredible Seasoning Review

I won't even pretend that I'm not at least a little bit skeptical when it comes to products marketed as being: fantastic, wonderful, incredible, or the best.  This was certainly the case when I opened up a package from Heaven Made Products to find a seasoning called "It's Incredible".  What I found out quickly after trying


SuckleBusters Fresh Salsa Fixins Review

I love salsa, fresh, cooked, spicy, mild, it doesn't matter, I love them all.  I've even tried my hand at making salsa, with pretty good results.  The problem I find is that fresh salsa is either a mess to make, or expensive to buy, so I generally will buy a pre-made salsa in a can


Goode Company Pecan Pie Review

Y’all may know that I grew up in Houston, Texas, and the Goode Company BBQ is a staple of Houston BBQ.  And when I got my Goode Company Pecan Pie in the mail, I was amazed.  Look at this beautiful wooden box!  Not only does it hold a seemingly 5lb pound pecan pie, but even

Apple BBQ Sauce

Texas Smokehouse Sauce – Apple BBQ Sauce – Review

They say everything is bigger in Texas and when it comes to BBQ sauces, selection is no exception.  I love trying new BBQ sauces, but I find that despite the different labeling and brands, a lot of them end up tasting the same.  Texas Smokehouse Sauce's Apple BBQ Sauce is the complete opposite.  The Apple

SaltGrass Seven Steak Spice

Saltgrass Steak House – Seven -7- Steak Spice Review

From the first taste of Saltgrass Steak House's Seven Steak Spice, you can tell that it's a little different, but not in a bad way.  I'm generally not a fan of big commercial restaurants seasonings and sauces, not because they're not good, rather I find that they are geared more toward broad public appeal and

Texas Firecrackers

Texas Firecrackers Review

3 words to describe Texas Firecrackers: Hot, delicious and addictive. Inside this Texas-themed packaging, you'll find these crackers are packing some heat! My initial thought - this is a party cracker. Give me some cheesy dip, and I could eat the whole package.  BUT then, I read the history behind these crackers, and I was

Redneck Riviera Jalapeño Seasoning Salt

Redneck Riviera Jalapeno Seasoning Salt Review

I had the delight to review Redneck Riviera's Jalapeno Seasoning Salt the other day. The company, which hails from Rockport, TX really brings it to the table with this product. It's available on for $4. Great bargain. The product is very similar to other similar seasoning salts, however what really makes this one stand

Uncle Joes BBQ Sauce In-A-Bag

Uncle Joe’s BBQ Sauce In-A-Bag Review

As a competition BBQ pitmaster and caterer who also develops and markets BBQ rubs and sauces, I was intrigued to say the least when I received Uncle Joe's "sauce in a bag" to review. The directions are clear and straightforward and take about 30 seconds to understand and execute. I mixed the dry ingredients with