About Us

Eve TarloEve Tarlo @ectect - Austin, TX
Eve Tarlo, a Native Texan, is an Austin foodie who focuses on cooking, learning and eating enticing, yet simple meals.  She currently works as a producer and video/motion graphics editor, and spends most of her free time in the kitchen or backyard at the grill. With her background in food service and bartending and being active in social networking, she is the person that people turn to to talk about food.  By knowing the latest food trends, competing in local Iron Chef competitions, and even producing web-released instructional cooking videos, Eve Tarlo adds to a thriving Texan foodie community.

Charlie TrumCharlie Trum ( Chuck T ) @cytrum - Beaumont, TXOriginally from north Houston, Charlie lives in Beaumont, TX and is a senior majoring in communications at Lamar University. He enjoys cajun food, crawfish, sausages, gumbo, boudin, and cracklins. He's also a fan of anything spicy, from salsa to Indian food. Chuck is a craft beer enthusiast, aspiring writer, and cook. He loves food and has no problem driving across Houston, sometimes the state, and into Louisiana for great food.


Rob SterbaRob Sterba @rsterba - Fort Worth, TX
Rob is a Texas transplant, originally from New Mexico. He married a Texas girl and has settled in quite happily in the Fort Worth area. An IT architect by trade, in his free time he's an avid tea drinker and enjoys writing and learning about tea, food, and technology. Rob says, " When it comes to food, the spicier the better, and I'm always looking for something new or exciting to try."


Eric JohnsonEric Johnson @Pigmaker23 - Slingerlands, NY
Pitmaster Eric Johnson of Pigmaker Productions catering and Mr. Bobo's Traveling BBQ All-Stars competition cooking team is no stranger to BBQ. In fact, his team won 1st place for brisket in the 2009 Jack Daniels world BBQ championships. His cooking team competes in several sanctioned events throughout the year all over the Northeast and even down to Kansas City. He boats knowledge of all regional styles of BBQ cooking whether it's Kansas City, Memphis, Texas or Carolina style -- he cooks it all!

Beth NoblesBeth Nobles - Marfa, TX
As Executive Director of the Texas Mountain Trail, Beth Nobles travels throughout the state searching for and sampling the “authentic Texas” to recommend to travelers.  Representing the western tip of Texas from Big Bend National Park to El Paso; she an ambassador for the heritage, adventure, culture and culinary offerings of the region through a Daily Photo blog and website, and active Facebook and Twitter communities.  A longtime foodie, when she finally gets home to Marfa, she loves cooking adventurously, with an emphasis on fresh, wholesome, healthy food.  She usually has bread dough rising on her kitchen counter.

Jason RussoJason Russo @TexasFood - Houston, TX
Jason Russo is owner and operator of TexasFood.com. Born, raised, and currently lives in Houston, TX. He loves exploring all there is to know about food, particularly Texas food. Over the years he has met with numerous manufacturers and sampled hundreds of Texas made foods. He's traveled all over the country and finds that nothing compares to the robust flavors, unique concoctions, and overall appeal of Texas food. If he finds something he loves, he'll  I'll be sure to tell you about it.